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Vitalize Seed

Vitalize Seed Nitro Boost

Vitalize Seed Nitro Boost

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45lbs per acre

What’s in Nitro-Boost-

• Spring Barley
• Forage Peas
• Soybeans
• Eagle Beans
• Cow Peas
• Sunn Hemp
• Buckwheat
• LabLab
• American Joint Vetch
• Sunflowers
• Hybrid Sorghum
• Crimson Clover
• Forage Rape
• Sudan

*Broadcast – increase by 5%-20% – depending on the thatch layer you are broadcasting into. Less thatch, you will likely need slightly more seed. Note, we have small and large seeds in this mix – intentionally to increase our success for all planting methods.

Planting Instructions

The name says it all! This is a mix of legumes, brassicas, grasses and broadleaves. With a lower Carbon to Nitrogen ratio – this mix is meant to load up your soil with Nitrogen and other nutrients (sequestered through microbes’ effectiveness) that will break down rapidly, through natural biological processes.

We will follow Nitro-Boost with a planting of Carbon-Load. These systems (Nitro-Boost followed by Carbon-Load) will act as a great one-two punch that will feed wildlife and our soils 12 months a year, and use biological breakdown of balanced systems to feed our subsequent plantings.

This mix will produce great below ground biomass, sequester atmospheric N, have fantastic root diversity, be easy to grow through various methods, and be highly attractive for bees to bucks. We have created this mix to be densely grown at 45lbs to the acre, to further enhance our ability to maximize photosynthetic capture and root exudation (feeding microbes).

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