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Northwoods Whitetails

Sweet Feast Brassica Blend

Sweet Feast Brassica Blend

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Brassica is an important part of any food plot program. Feeding deer when the cold arrives and the snow flies is just what our brassica blend does. With forage rape, kale, tillage radish, and 3 varieties of turnips, our brassica blend has it all. We don’t use the ordinary turnips you can get at the local feed mills. We have done a lot of research and testing to find the best and biggest kale and forage rape leaves, turnips and radishes to use in our blend. When the first frost hits, the leaves of the plants start to get sweet, just the way deer like it! Even after all the green leaves are eaten , the plot will still be filled with large turnips and radishes for the deer to dig up and eat. Tons of forage from September until late winter for a lot less than the price of “big buck on a bag” seed companies brassica offerings. Just look at the picture. No other brassica blend can produce results like the Northwoods blend can. Better hope your neighbor isn’t using this! Seeding rate is 6  pounds per acre in late July to early September.

3 pound bag ( plants 1/2 acre )

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