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Northwoods Whitetails

Seclusion 360 Blend

Seclusion 360 Blend

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A new concept to the food plot industry, adding food to bedding areas. By adding tiny plots in and around bedding areas, this gives you another tool to hold deer on your property. Whitetails need to eat during the day while in their daytime bedding areas, now you can provide what they want.  This mix consists of a high percentage of premium chicory and a tough, persistent white clover. We have tried various chicory seed in the past, and none compared to the chicory used in this product.  In trials last year, this mix provided pictures of multiple mature bucks using the tiny plots during daylight. Seeding rate is 6 to 7  pounds per acre. This blend will work in tiny bedding plots and travel corridors leading to and from bedding & food. A great new concept and a great new blend brought to you exclusively from Northwoods Whitetails & Jake Ehlinger at Habitat Solutions 360.

2 pound bag plants 1/8 to 1/4 acre

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