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Northwoods Whitetails

Clover Blend Plus Chicory

Clover Blend Plus Chicory

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How do you make an already outstanding clover blend better? Add some premium forage chicory to it ( a whopping 25% in this blend ). We took the same premium chicory that was tested and used in our Seclusion Blend and added it to our Clover Blend. Giving it an added punch, especially in the fall. Graze resistant and drought tolerant, this blend tops all in the industry. Our deer utilize our clover plots from Spring green up in March until when the deep snow hits here in Upper Michigan in late December. With over 27% crude protein available, this mix will aid in antler growth and help does and fawns when they need it most (spring).  This blend is a key to year round nutrition

4 pound bag

Plants 1/2 acre

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