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Northwoods Whitetails

Clover Blend

Clover Blend

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A great stand of clover is the cornerstone of any food plot program. After years of trying different types of clover, we have settled on 3  varieties of white ladino clover that offer diversity, for our blend. This blend has proven to be drought tolerant during the 2012 summer. Our clover blend will provide your deer with highly nutritional forage from spring thaw until winter. Our clover provides plenty of protein when lactating does and bucks (growing antlers) need it the most. This Clover Blend has been tested side by side against many “big name” seed companies, and the Northwoods blend always came out ahead. Our clover blend can take high grazing pressure, and the deer love the sweet, palatable forage. When it comes to clover for whitetail deer, you have found the best right here with the Northwoods Whitetails Clover Blend. Compare our price to all the other big name seed companies. You get the best clover blend at the best price.

  • Seeding rate is 8 to 10 pounds per acre.
  • 4 pound bag
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